Art with Evan: Artist’s Statement: Art Lessons in Chapel Hill

sky by evan

When I paint, I am involved in a personal process of deciphering and conveying my intuitive scope. My passion to seek out the subtle nuances in nature is also a large component within that process. I am most at ease when painting intuitively and from nature. The sky, always changing and ethereal, is an endless source of inspiration for me.

Similar to the reasoning behind Impressionism, it is the essence of nature that I am seeking out and not a chiaroscuro effect.

sky by evan

My studies in the Arts of Japan include: Raku (Pottery), Chado (Tea Ceremony), Ikebana (Flower Arrangement), Sumi-e, (Painting with black ink), Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy and language) and Haiku (Poetry). These have enriched my life and given me a trust in nature and the fleeting moment. Translation of the phrase, “ichi go ichi e,” which means, “in this one moment, everything exists,” captures the spirit that I strive to bring to my painting.

In a single calligraphic brush stroke, so much can be said. The amaryllis that I painted yesterday has disappeared but my painting and appreciation of beauty still remain.

flower still-life by evan


  • Corcoran School of Art, Washington D.C., Fine Arts Major
  • Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA, BFA, Teachers Certification
  • Lesley College, Cambridge MA, M. Ed.
  • Kaji Aso Institute for the Arts, Boston MA, student, apprenticeship in Asian Arts, painter’s journeys to Japan
still-life by evan

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